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                                理事長兼学長 竹之下 誠一

Urgent Message from Fukushima about the Russian Military Invasion of Ukraine

Russian troops invaded Ukraine on February 24‚ 2022. Their subsequent occupation of Chernobyl and other Ukrainian power plants raises grave concern about nuclear risks‚ especially among those of us – at Fukushima’s only medical university – who responded to Japan’s 2011 compound disaster of an earthquake‚ tsunami and nuclear crisis.

Since September 11‚ 2011‚ we have convened numerous international symposiums and received frequent expert support from UN agencies and countries most affected by the Chernobyl accident‚ including Ukraine. In addition‚ we have established inter-university exchange agreements with Belarusian Medical University and Gomel Medical University in Belarus and North-Western State Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov in Russia‚ to deepen academic collaboration and aggregate results from our individual and collective efforts.

While urging a prompt and peaceful resolution to the ongoing conflict‚ we continue to monitor the situation‚ with hopes to resume meaningful exchanges among our universities and to realize the reconstruction and revitalization of Ukraine.

March 2nd‚ 2022

Seiichi Takenoshita‚ MD‚ Ph.D.
Fukushima Medical University