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Cell Storage

GMP-compliant cell storage

The cellular storage facility is licensed to manufacture pharmaceuticals (biological products). License number: 07AZ100004

  • Storage of cells and other materials of various organisms
  • Storage grades can be selected to best suit your needs.

    ・GMP grade1: Storage of cell banks used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products

    ・GMP grade2: Storage of cell banks and cells related to regenerative medicine in the development stage that are not used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products

  • Vapor-phase liquid nitrogen storage guaranteed below -150°C
  • Barcode management and sample management systems prevent mix-ups
  • Long-term storage
  • Accepted by pharmaceutical companies, CDMOs, and public research institutions


・Contracts are on an annual and box basis.

・Cells that are positive for HIV, HBV, HCV, syphilis, mycoplasma, or whose test results are unknown cannot be accepted. Cells positive for other human pathogenic microorganisms will also not be accepted.

Cell storage system

Liquid nitrogen storage

  • Storage in vapor phase with low risk of contamination and container breakage
  • Automatic liquid nitrogen supply system maintains proper storage environment
  • Nine GMP-compliant storage units (each capable of storing up to 25,600 vials)
  • Operable by emergency power supply even in the event of power failure


  • Manned 24-hour security system
  • Monitoring system with surveillance cameras 24 hours a day
  • Access to important facilities such as cell storage areas and quality control rooms is controlled by a two-step authentication system with double doors.
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